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Mon- Fri: 8:30am - 5:30pm; Sat:9:30am - 4:30pm;
Sun: by appointment -
(586) 775-1046


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“Having worked with plumbing contractors all over the country, I would rate G & P plumbing as one of the best.” – Bill Kranz, Owner B Kranz Company”  

“Having completed our first project with G&P Plumbing, I would highly recommend them as a full service, top quality plumbing contractor. From our first contact via email, up until the last fixture was installed they more than exceeded our expectations.”  

The plumber did numerous repair work and replacement of different plumbing fixtures.  He always kept me updated as far as timing goes, very responsive and courteous.  He does good work.  I have been so pleased that I have referred him to many of my friends. – Mary Ann Smith  

Polite, punctual and knowledgeable – the best by far of several quotes I received, both for cost and for general knowledge of the work to be done.  The work was done well, and even more quickly than estimated.  I will definitely deal with this company again !!!!!!!  A class act! – Judy Phillips

I strongly recommend G&P Plumbing for quick response time, expert service and a fair price. Sincerely, Kevin Higgins Real Estate One 586) 201-0388

Gary is a true expert at plumbing;  I can tell because I asked him a lot of questions while he was installing the faucet. He had the job finished quickly, he charged a very fair price and I was totally ecstatic!  ( I had been wanting to replace that faucet for about 12 months…lol).

They scheduled my appointment right away and showed up very quickly just a few hours later (which was great by me!).

I want to offer my testimonial for G&P Plumbing. There are lots of plumbing jobs that the average homeowner should NOT perform. You would think that replacing a kitchen faucet would not be that difficult, right?  Wrong!  You have to have one very special tool to do this job yourself.  When I hit this wall of not being able to complete the job myself,  I called G&P Plumbing.

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